Marc Nuri's Tech Talks

Helm for Java developers with Eclipse JKube (EclipseCon 2023)
Desarrollo local de aplicaciones Java en Kubernetes (MadridJUG 2023)
Eclipse JKube: What's up Doc? (EcliseCon 2022)
Kubernetes for Java developers workshop
Containerize and deploy into Kubernetes your Gradle Java project with Eclipse JKube (EclipseCon 2021)
Containerize your Java Applications using Eclipse JKube ( 2021)
Deploying a Quarkus application into Kubernetes using JKube (Eclipse Cloud Tool Time 2021)
Microservice Containerization made easy using Eclipse JKube (BarcelonaJUG 2020)
Deploy your Java applications to the Cloud using Eclipse JKube (EclipseCon 2020)
MockMVC in Action!
Isotope Mail Client Introduction